Mathis Pfäffli

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Silver Firs EP 1–3

Raphael the Bandleader of Silver Firs asked me to design the cover of their first vinyl appearing in the material reality.

Barter on Barter on Barter

Performative/Interventional Project, 2013, from Bern to Athens.


Weltformat Moscow

Sudpol Theater Tanz

Together with my brother Fix I designed the concept for the Sudpols theater and dance  program which is published thrice a year. Every month the section showing the past events is overprinted by motion lines we collected from our favorite comic books. I like how this overprint shows how theater […]


Sometime last year Inês Nepomuceno asked me to make a poster or Illustration to comment on the financial crisis for a project of hers. I decided to melt William Tell on the five frank piece – the pride of switzerland – like ice cream.  

Funk am See 12

In 2012 I had the honor to design the identity of the biannual music-festival “Funk am See” which is organized by Radio 3fach, check out their website it’s designed by my bro fix.

Werkschau 13

Werkschau 12

Spelling Dystopia

Spelling Dystopia is a book about the work “Spelling Dystopia” of Berlin based artists Nina Fischer and Maroan el Sani. Kind of like a Making of for the movie with the same name.

Journal of Aesthetics & Protest

That’s what Marc and Christina say about this issue of their magazine: “Grassroots Modernism — movement for today’s tomorrow. When we step out of an ironic relationship to “current events” by becoming broke or angry, or when we act consciously to undo and supercede the shit pile

Dans La Tente — Young Men Drifting

Christoph Barmettler a former Detektiv Bureau member recently recorded a new album with his band Dans La Tente. Together with Samuli Blatter I made the artwork for this eight song LP.

CD Cover


30 Years WOZ

Nadine and I had the honor to illustrate the 30 year anniversary issue of WOZ. We used this occasion to speculate about future media in a visual way.      

Field Studies — About Franz Gsellmann

Together with Nadine Gerber I made the concept and realization of a video for the band Field Studies.

Posters for the Detektiv Bureau


Monika Brandmeier Sachverhalt


Klaus Werner: für die Kunst